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PADI Basic Open Water Diver Certification

Get scuba certified in one Weekend. ALL GEAR INCLUDED!

What are dive shops really charging you?

Here are a few reasons why you should learn to dive with us:

The only true ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING in Jacksonville.

All Inclusive Pricing: $399

Our all inclusive pricing includes everything you will need to earn your Basic Open Water Certification and become a certified diver.

Includes: mask, fins, snorkel, lead weight, regulator, BCD, wetsuit and tanks. No additional gear needed.

Get Scuba Certified in One Weekend

It doesn’t have to take two weeks to get scuba certified. SLJ offers self paced learning giving each student the personal attention needed to truly understand the material and learn how to safely scuba dive in as little as one weekend for 99% of students.

Small Class Sizes

We keep the classes sizes small to make sure you receive all the individual attention you need.

Learn to Scuba Dive

This is the starting point of your Scuba Diving adventures. During this course you will learn things like how to:

  • Set up your basic gear
  • Basic scuba skills
  • Breathe under water
  • Plan your dives
  • Control yourself underwater
  • Correct buoyancy
  • Proper weighting
  • Have fun underwater

The three most important factors that separates ScubaLessonsJax from our competitors and make us your best choice for your dive training are:

  1. You will save time by completing self study at home and learning to dive in one weekend verses the two that most dive shops rely on.
  2. Up front pricing that includes everything you will need to learn how to dive with absolutely no hidden costs or surprises.
  3. Smaller classes with one on one time with your instructor.

Learn to scuba dive

How Much Does It Cost?

Believe it or not, we see a lot of dive shops advertise scuba courses for an amazingly low price, some as low as $99, and yet by the time you receive your certification you have spent much more money. How is this?

What most people fail to do when shopping around for scuba lessons is asking the right questions such as the “total cost” of instruction? For example, does the course include student materials, certification processing, your open water trip, springs fees, and gear that you have to buy (i.e. mask, fins, snorkel, weights, weight belt, wetsuits, air tank, etc.).

Here at ScubaLessonsJax we strive to make our course fees all-inclusive as much as possible. We are having a Learn to Dive Summer special of $399 no hidden costs. All the gear needed is included throughout the course.

The only things you will need to provide for yourself are a hotel, transportation to and from the training sites and your own food, that’s it.

Items Local Dive Shops Scuba Lessons Tampa
Course material: $45-$65 Included
Confined water & classroom: $150 Included
*Basic Gear:
(Mask, fin, snorkel, weights, etc)
$200 – $400 Provided for use during course
**Diving unit: Included Included
Diving fees: $30 – $60 Included
Course Duration: 2 or 3 weekends 1 weekends
Price: $600.00 – $1050.00 $399 Total Cost

**Add your Nitrox class for only $125** Regular Price $150.

We are having a special on our basic “learn to scuba dive” package at $399.00 which includes everything you will need to learn how to scuba dive. If you have any questions about the costs involved in any of our courses, please feel free to ask us. Even though we are going to tell you that the course fee is all-inclusive and you will not be charged again for anything else, we find that students aren’t confused and much happier by being reassured that the course fee is really what we advertise. We also have special group rates of 4 or more (ask for details) and our courses are taught at the same places most dive shops take you.

Here is where we dive


Devil's Den

5390 NE 180th Ave

Williston, FL 32696


Phone: 352-528-3344



Blue Grotto

3852 NE 172nd Ct

Williston, FL 32696-7885


Phone: 352-528-5770



Who Can Learn To Scuba Dive?

From children ages 10 and up to senior citizens and anyone in between who are in good cardiovascular and respiratory health and not on any drugs that might cause complications underwater and have the desire, can learn to scuba dive. If you can honestly answer “no” to all the questions on your medical form you won’t even have to get a physician’s approval. You will need to be able to swim 300 yards with mask, fins and snorkle (no time limit) and also tread water unassisted for 10 minutes. Children ages 10-11 can learn to scuba dive but must have a parent present during the entire course and meet a few other requirements as well. Kids ages 12-14 do not require a parent present and can qualify for a junior certification, which requires they dive with an adult until the age of 15.

What Is Involved In Learning How To Scuba Dive?

There are three main components in learning how to scuba dive. The first component is self study which consists of five knowledge reviews that are completed at home at your convenience. The rest of the academics include four simple quizzes and one final exam which are completed and reviewed over the course of your weekend during your dive training. The second component is confined water or pool dives which is where you will incorporate the academics and learn your basic scuba skills. After you successfully complete confined water dives, you will apply these same skills to your four open water dives which is the last component of learning how to scuba dive. Here at ScubaLessonsJax we are committed to making you a safe, fun diver while promoting environmental awareness, on-going training, and complete customer satisfaction.

Pricing for additional certifications

  • Refresher – $99
  • Emergency First Response (EFR) – $100
  • Nitrox – $150
  • Advanced Open Water at the springs – $399
  • Rescue Diver – $449
  • Dive Master – $999

*Assistant Dive Instructor, Master Scuba Diver, and specialty courses- call for pricing.