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Learning to Scuba Dive is a fast affordable way to safely explore the underwater world.

Looking for scuba diving lessons in Jacksonville, Florida? Scuba Lessons Jax can help you to become a certified diver in one weekend. You can rely on us to give you the experience of a lifetime at an affordable price. We can provide customized diving courses with a flexible schedule.

For more information about getting your scuba certification, call us at 904-346-4246 or stop by 1502 Cesery Terrace, Jacksonville, FL 32211!

Chris Conrad, the founder of Scuba Lessons Jax, has been diving since the 1990s. He has trained thousands of people to dive safely. The three most important things that Chris focuses on are: Safety, Safety, and Safety! That's why Chris has a squeaky clean safety record. Chris and his team of certified diving instructors know how to keep you safe and make you feel comfortable in the water.

Our graduates are rated as the most knowledgeable, skilled, and safe divers. We will ensure that you will master the knowledge and skills you need to dive independently in the open ocean.

We make sure that each and every student gets personal attention from a certified dive instructor. Whether you a beginner looking for a basic diving course, an experienced diver looking for continuing education, or want to take up diving as a profession, you can rely on us to fulfill your requirements.

Scuba Lessons Jacksonville offers affordable, all-inclusive scuba certifications, with no hidden costs.

We see a lot of dive shops advertise scuba courses at amazingly low prices, some as low as $99. Yet, by the time you receive your certification, you may have spent well over $500.

While shopping around for scuba diving lessons, most people forget to ask the most important questions, such as: what's the "total cost" of instruction? Does the course fee include student materials, certification processing, open water trips, springs fees, and necessary gear?

At Scuba Lessons Jax, we strive to make our course fee all-inclusive, as far as possible. You can join our Learn to Dive Special at an all-inclusive price of only $399. This price includes all the scuba diving gear that is needed throughout the course. What's more, we can help you to get certified in a single weekend. You can also opt to complete the course at a more leisurely pace over a few weeks. Learn to Dive Today! For more information on our scuba diving lessons, contact us now!